Yorgos Karamalegos

Yorgos was born in Athens (Greece) where he was trained at "Arhi" Drama School of Nelli Karra, and worked in theatre, film and television. In 2001 he moved to London and trained with Philippe Gaulier and Complicite and then moved to Liverpool to complete Hope Street's Physical Theatre Programme. There he founded Tmesis Theatre and Physical Fest (International Physical Theatre Festival), together with Elinor Randle in 2003. Yorgos has toured internationally and nationally with the company's productions and collaborated with the world's best physical practitioners on the creation of the pieces, including Malou Airaudo (Pina Bausch Tanztheater) and Tanya Khabarova (Derevo). He has also trained with Yoshi Oida, Gennadi Bogdanov (Bio-mechanics), Nigel Chanock and many more inspiring theatre makers. Yorgos is currently based in London, he is an associate artistic director of Tmesis and Physical Fest and he is working as freelance actor and performer in theatre and films. He is also a theatre and movement director and physical theatre practitioner at institutes such as LAMDA, RADA and Drama Centre London.




Elinor Randle

Elinor grew up in Wales and travelled to Australia and Europe before coming to Liverpool to do a drama degree at John Moores University. In January 2003 she completed Hope Street's Physical Theatre Programme where she developed a passion for movement and worked on productions including the lead role in Paul Hunter’s (Told by an Idiot), Beauty and the Beast. Elinor met Yorgos on the Programme and together they formed Tmesis Theatre and Physical Fest, Liverpool’s Annual International Physical Theatre Festival.

Elinor has toured internationally and nationally with the company’s four productions and collaborated with the world’s best physical practitioners on the pieces, including Tanya Khabarova, and Malou Airaudo (Pina Bausch Tanztheater). She has also trained with Gennadi Bogdanov (Bio-mechanics), Yoshi Oida, Phillipe Gaullier and Nigel Chanock. Elinor is Artistic Director of Tmesis Theatre, based in Liverpool and is also a movement director, director and physical theatre tutor.