MEMENTO MORIPhoto of Memento Mori

Conceived and Directed by: Tmesis Theatre and Tanya Khabarova (DEREVO)
Performed by: Yorgos Karamalegos and Elinor Randle
Music: Paul Skinner, Tanya Khabarova and Tmesis Theatre
Greek Tune : Kostantinos Bhta
Lighting Design: Phil Saunders
Costume Design: Kevin Pollard

Memento Mori is a deeply evocative and physically dynamic, mesmerising piece made in collaboration with Tanya Khabarova from Derevo and it is based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.

An abstract exploration of the myth of Orpheus’ descent into Hades (the underworld) in search of his wife Eurydice. An intense and powerful journey through the mind of Orpheus; from the first human, to love, death, the dark insanity of the underworld and the self-discovery of a man.

"Amazing... Memento Mori is a one hour, non-stop drama in which two dancers constantly surprise... the company has an originality I have rarely seen before " - Phil Key, Daily Post

“Physical Theatre of the highest class- one dipped quickly into the world of Orpheus and could only be astonished by the outstanding body control and beauty of the two performers” - Wupperguide/Germany

"A powerful, moving and jaw dropping performance" - Bristol Dance Paper

Memento Mori has toured in the UK, Greece, Italy, France and Germany.