“Time” is a collaboration of four different art forms (physical theatre, visual art, music and film/projection) that work together to inspire each other as to what happens next through a process of live art improvisation.

“Time” took the audience on an evocative, emotional and visually stunning journey though love, death, sexual desire, failure, ambition and time inspired by Dusko Sibyl’s evocative paintings and the idea of the different inspirations and personal journey we go through to create.

Tmesis Theatre directed this final project of Hope Street's apprenticeship programme in September 2008 working with five apprentice performers, musicians, designers, film maker and assistant director as well as professional artists; Dusko Sybil (Painter), Robin Rice (Film maker) and Barry Hann (Musician). The strong physicality and visual style was inspired by Tmesis Theatre's intensely dynamic style of movement theatre. Tmesis Theatre worked for three weeks to create Time in which all the art forms worked together to create a truly live and new theatrical experience.

Produced by Hope Street Ltd www.hope-street.org

Performed by Hope Street's apprentices

Directed by: Tmesis Theatre
Paintings by Dusko Sibl www.duskosibl.com
Film making/prejections by Robin Rice
Music by Winter Bourne & Blaster


A collision of physical theatre, visual art, electro funk music, film     and projection that pushes the boundaries of multidisciplinary  improvisational live art.