Tmesis are passionate about sharing their skills and are renowned for their ability to inspire, nurture, train and encourage people to develop, push themselves and create using Tmesis’ unique style in physical theatre workshops, residencies & training.


We are specialists in physical theatre workshops and developing ensemble based, devised theatre, regularly going into institutions to create ensemble performances.


We work with all ages, key-stages, abilities and offer a number of ways to learn and get involved, including workshops and residencies, and work with all levels from schools to MA Courses in Higher Education. For artists and emerging artists, we offer mentoring, professional development and our Training Company. Our opportunities are available all year round- just get in touch to discuss how we can train and work together. 

“A fantastic physical theatre workshop from Tmesis at the Big Event,  the young people were challenged, bought out of their confront zone in a dynamic and exciting way. Upbeat, energetic and enjoyable the participants where pushed physically and artistically to produce a high quality ensemble piece as part of their end of week sharing’ Highly recommended!”


Guy Christiansen, Participation Manager, 20 Stories High

The workshop was excellent…they gave us a springboard into a lot of creative ideas…providing an insight into some ways of approaching improvised movement and devising.”  


Daniel Cambridge, Course Leader Performing Arts, Cronton College.


“A  fantastic and beneficial experience; our students were supported to reach an outstanding level of performance”


Dr Wayne Steven Jackson, Head of  Theatre & Performance- The Arden


Physical Fest is hosting a series of workshops 4-9th July in Liverpool in collaboration with the Unity Theatre.


Featuring Devising with John Wright,  Michael Chekhov with Ben Phillips, ensemble with Tmesis Theatre and clown with Teatro Pomodoro and Jamie Wood.


John Wright ‘Devising’ 4th-6th July – 10am-5pm All Days.


Ben Phllips ‘Chekovs Personal Atmospheres 6th July – 6pm-8pm.


Tmesis Theatre ‘The Expressive Ensemble’ 7th July – 10am-5pm


Teatro Pomodoro ‘The Art of Play’ 7th July – 6pm-8pm


Jamie Wood ‘Effortlessly Funny’ 8th-9th July – 10am-5pm


Physical Fest is a bi-annual international physical theatre festival, run by Tmesis Theatre.



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