The Tmesis Training Company is a professional performance project for emerging physical performers, offering high quality training, a quality performance, and a route into the industry. Previous members have gone on to work with Tmesis professionally on their touring shows. This is a unique opportunity in the North West!


Our next Training Company intensive is planned for June 2019 with performances at Physical Fest. More details coming soon. To be the first to find out about auditions, sign up to our mailing list here.

“The most exciting training experience I’ve ever had. Pushed me physically further as a performer than I have ever gone before. I’d recommend it to anyone.”


Training Company Performer 2017

“Becoming a part of the company gave me a chance to challenge my artistic practice. In a short space of time my assumed skills were tested and expanded in to new skills. There was a heartwarming sense of community, because of the way the whole team worked together to create an experience that was exciting and engaging for the audience.”


Training Company Performer 2017


Daydream Believers was a psychedelic, theatrical, immersive experience inspired by the 1967 ‘Summer of Love’.


All performances of Daydream Believers were held at the Hope Street Theatre on Hope Street during Physical Fest 2017.


A high-quality performance that will generate healthy discussion.’ Art in Liverpool


An enthusiastic and talented cast matched disciplined choreography with improvised interaction with the audience in this feel-good show.’ Northwestend

GRIMM (2016)

Grimm was an immersive fairytale experience based on the Grimm fairy tales, it was performed in the Unity during Physical Fest 2016.