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We have recently reviewed our strategy and developed a new business plan. We are now looking for new people to join our enthusiastic board and help guide the company through the exciting times ahead, as we focus strongly on female led work. We are particularly looking for candidates from these areas:


Leadership – Leader in a prominent strategic role, preferably in a women’s organisation or business


Education – Leader from, or with strong connections to, the education sector, either at secondary school or higher education level, preferably with an arts or drama focus


Business development – Senior commercial leader, with strong financial awareness, experienced in formulating, planning and developing revenue streams


We particularly welcome applications from individuals with a disability and/or who identify as BAME as these voices are currently under represented within the Board and Team.


If you are interested in joining us, please get in touch with us and we will send recruitment information. Our deadline for applications is 31st December 2019.


Contact: Elinor Randle – Artistic Director   elinor@tmesistheatre.com

Mike Furniss – Chair                                      mike.furniss@tiscali.co.uk